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Project Introduction

Joining the EverySave community,

one can not only save money,but can also earn money。

In the EverySave community,

everyone is a contributor,and everyone is also a beneficiary.

EverySave is a lifestyle service platform with value interconnectivity, using the F&B industry as the entry point. It is an Exquisite Cuisine Alliance.

In the EverySave community, merchants can share user resources on the platform and obtain user traffic for free. Merchants and consumers are connected through smart coupons, with no commission, marketing cost, nor search ranking. The best products and services are pushed to the consumers at the best price, and consumers thus benefit from the process.

In the EverySave community, a set of smart contracts for the token reward mechanism on the blockchain has been deployed. Giving contribution is effectively the mining process - when each user consumes, shares, invites, comments, carries out tasks, etc., they are contributing to the construction of the ecosystem, and all these activities can be rewarded, and TOKENS are earned.

Based on Token Economics, EverySave uses AI and blockchain technology to empower the F&B industry, leading the “Exquisite Cuisine Alliance” from the era of information interconnectivity toward the era of value interconnectivity, from focusing on profit maximization to focusing on extracting contribution from everyone and thus benefiting everyone in this new era of value distribution. Everyone thus shares in the riches created by the token economy.

The Development of China’s F&B Industry

  • China’s F&B industry has grown steadily and rapidly. In 2017, the total revenue of the F&B industry was 3.96 trillion, and the CAGR reached 10.7%. It is expected to reach 6.28 trillion in 2022;
  • The F&B market is highly fragmented, and the revenue for independently managed restaurants reached 3.19 trillion in 2017, accounting for 81% of the total;
  • In 2017, there were 8.8 million online restaurants in China and about 500,000 Chinese restaurants overseas.

Source: Research Report on Supply and Demand Forecast and Investment Strategy of China’s F&B Market in 2017-2022, published by Zhiyan Consulting Network:


The monopolistic nature of traditional Internet platforms

created the triple problems related to Business Relationships, Value Relationships, and Distribution Relationships

Business Relationships

Users are only unilateral contributors, and the platform is the beneficiary.

Value Relationships

Users create value, but they cannot share the value they create. The platform has exclusive ownership of the value.

Distribution Relationships

Users create value, but there is no reasonable distribution mechanism. Platform shareholders are profit beneficiary.

The Pain Point of the Development of China’s F&B Indusry

Internet platforms monopolize online user traffic

The merchant pays to attract the users, and the users know the merchant through the platform, but the merchant has difficulty in owning the users itself, and the users only recognize the platform and does not recognize the merchant.

Chain restaurant brands’ occupation of Core Business District

20% of chain restaurant brands control the Core Business District traffic, accounting for most of the F&B profits, and it is difficult for independently managed restaurants to surpass them...

The Untrustworthiness of centralized data

The user reviews were originally intended to add credit to the merchants, but the Internet-centric data is easily tampered with. Fraudulent reviews occur frequently, and consumers have no trust in the data.

Disadvantages of the Current Membership Reward Point System

Reward points are the liabilities of an enterprise and need to be withdrawn and written off in the financial statements, therefore a validity period has to be set.

The reward point system is a centralized mechanism, lacking credibility, and consumers lack trust and interest in the membership and reward points.

Between merchants and consumers, the reward points are not interoperable, resulting in low activity and poor liquidity.

Only single exchange channels exist for the membership reward points, leading to a low sense of reward and no sense of value.

The membership reward points system has high construction, operation, and management costs, and it is difficult to optimize for the independently managed restaurants.

How Do the 8 Systems in the EverySave Platform

Help the Independently Managed Restaurants

AI Data

Collection System

Using a combination of blockchain and AI technology, a mechanism is created to automatically collect user data for the entire lifecycle of generation, distribution, use, and adaptation of coupons.

Deep User Data

Mining System

Use of blockchain technology to record the data of each coupon's life cycle so that coupon usage, user behavior analysis, user evaluation analysis, user sentiment analysis, and product highlights mining can all be readily executed.

Intelligent Coupon

Creation System

Merchants can choose the type of coupon, specify the profile of the coupon user, enter a discount scheme, and use one click to create the coupon.

Magic AI Computation

Marketing System

Using a combination of big data and AI technology, an intelligent targeted marketing system is created based on user personality, user habits, user emotions, and other multi-dimensional data related to the user.

AI Coupon

Distribution System

Targeted delivery to the mass users of the EverySave platform based on consumer personality, consumer attitudes and feelings about the product, behaviors of coupon use etc.


Communication System

Subverting the form of traditional coupons, providing instead rich media coupons that can carry videos, pictures and texts, leading to a totally new kind of brand value communication chain.

Tokenomic Targeted

Reward System

Marketing processes and effects are trackable through the blockchain enabled tokenomic mechanisms that can accurately reward contributors, allowing everyone to participate in the creation and governance of the ecosystem.


Training System

Every user in the EverySave ecosystem can make full use of social networks to transform themselves from the single role of a consumer to a combined role of an investor, marketer, and consumer.

Issuing Coupons, Earning TOKENS (SDX)

Methods to Earn and Use EverySave TOKENS (SDX)

Three Ecosystem Targets of EverySave



Realizing the removal of intermediaries through three major technologies connecting restaurants and consumers directly



Empowering the real economy, helping the development of F&B stores

New Commerce

of Tokenomics

Using tokenomics to revamp the distribution system and create new business relationship structure

Core Team

  • Chew Soo Sheng


    • The University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) Bachelor of Business Administration;
    • The Claremont Graduate University (USA) Master of Information Science;
    • More than 30 years of entrepreneurial and senior managerial experience in IT, interactive multimedia and internet industry. Involved in multiple innovative start-up projects located in China, USA, Singapore, Japan etc;
    • During 1998-2000, serving as the Senior VP of Internet Marketing in charge of global online marketing & web operations, he was part of the core management team that successfully brought MediaRing.com (an internet communication company) to an IPO in Singapore stock exchange mainboard (SGX).
  • Ho Seng Beng, PhD

    Chief AI Scientist

    • Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (AI & Psychology), University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.
    • Master’s degree in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.
    • Senior Scientist in Artificial Intelligence, A*STAR, Singapore;
    • Holds 36 worldwide patents on E-Book technology in the US, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Singapore;
    • Research Directions and Achievements:
    • AI rapid machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, data analytics;
    • Human behavior and intention understanding and prediction system;
    • Causal learning, reasoning, and planning for robotics and autonomous systems;
    • Deep computational models of motivation and emotion for human social understanding and social robotics.
  • Zhou Shenglong

    VP of Technology

    • 20 years of internet and mobile internet product development and project management experience including desktop, web, iOS and Android APP, Server, smart devices applications;
    • Early core developer of anti-virus softwares;
    • Early developer and practitioner of 360 degree panorama multimedia computing techniques;
    • Blockchain early practitioner with experience in designing & developing EOS based commercial project.
  • Joyce Jin


    • Beijing Technology and Business University, International Trade;
    • 10 years of experience in government relations with large multinational corporations;
    • 5 years of new media industry entrepreneurial experience;
    • Familiar with Chinese government relations, familiar with the Internet and new media.
  • Li Zhiyu

    Technical Director

    • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Harbin Industrial University;
    • 20 years of development experience with specialization in Server and Network technologies, with core strength in innovative applications and business fusion;
    • Patent holder and multiple patent pending on several network technologies and techniques;
    • Experience in large scale multi-thread distributed computing platform systems in gaming, stream media, finance, e-commerce, IOT etc.
  • Zhao Nisha

    Director of Product Operations

    • 7 years of experience in Internet product operation, practical experiences from product initiation, to functional design, technology development, and user promotion;
    • Competent in areas of financial APP, e-commerce APP, Internet + F&B, Internet + travel, and blockchain;
    • Served as a product manager and CEO-level training course instructor of two well-known training institutions;
    • Designed two mobile internet products for the Shenzhen Fair Trade Promotion Agency and Ping An Bank.
  • Liu Qian

    Director of New Media

    • Ten years of experience in company’s overall operation and management, serving in a senior management position in a number of companies, helping companies to develop from scratch;
    • Wealth of knowledge in Internet operations, familiar with public psychology, skilled use of various operational means to achieve corporate brand communication and operational growth.
  • Zhang Kuan

    Director of Market Operations

    • 4 years of F&B industry experience, team leader of cuisine exploration, familiar with the structure and developmental trend of the Chinese F&B industry;
    • Explorer of new retail and new business models in the F&B industry, leading teams to achieve breakthroughs from scratch, practitioner of technology-enabled F&B businesses, solving the pain points of the industry and enhancing the profitability of merchants.

Consultancy Team

  • Wang Zhaoxia, PhD

    AI Scientist

    • Ph.D., Department of Automation and Intelligence Science, College of Information Technical Science, Nankai University, China;
    • Data and AI scientists in data analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, social media analysis, security and risk analysis, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computational intelligence and application areas for 15 years of scientific research and development experience;
    • Outstanding academic and industrial achievements, published more than 50 papers in international journals and conferences, and as the first inventor submitted 5+ international patent and intellectual property applications. More than 10 companies signed an intellectual property evaluation license or a commercial license for the patents
  • Ma JingGuo, PhD

    CSO and Chief Economist

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA);
    • Master’s degree in Financial Engineering, Univ. of California, Berkeley;
    • Master’s degree in Physics, Peking University, Beijing;
    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Pennsylvania State University;
    • Associate Director, Financial Analytics Engine Product, Moody’s Analytics, U.S.A.
    • Research Direction and Achievements:
    • Calculation algorithm using statistical models for data mining in large amount of data;
    • Distributed computing algorithm utilizing large Linux computing clusters (~10,000 calculation nodes);
    • Rare-event analysis on large volume of data utilizing statistical models and distributed computing;
  • Chew Soo Hong, PhD


    • World-renowned experimental economist and behavioral economist, taught at the University of Arizona, John Hopkins University, University of California, Irvine, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;
    • Currently a Professor of Economics and Finance at the National University of Singapore, Fellow of the World Econometric Society;
    • Research areas include decision theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics, and bioeconomics;
  • Quek Boon Kiat, PhD

    AI Scientist

    • Ph.D, NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering, National University of Singapore;
    • Senior Scientist & Department Director, Department of Social and Cognitive Computing, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR;
    • Pioneer of psychographic inference engines with extensive experience in software prototyping, research validation, and IP creation;
    • Focus on computational modelling and simulation of social information processing mechanisms;
    • Currently driving on-going development of social technologies to translate understanding of human cognition and psychology into real-world impact.

EverySave Project Development Planning

EverySave Project Development Planning

EverySave Ecological Development Planning

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